No More Complaining?

As I’ve been cruising around the Internet the past few days since the election, I’ve seen the following sentiment from conservative peckerwoods:

“Well there they go.  A black man was elected to the highest office in the country.  I’d better never hear a single black person whine or complain ever again.”

Excuse me, what?  There have been forty-three white presidents, and white people whine and complain all the damn time.

Besides, I don’t see what Obama getting elected has to do with the average black person.  It’s not like it’s going to make getting a cab any easier.  Surely Obama getting elected is a good sign of the times — that racism is slowly and eventually vanishing from our country.  However, to claim that the moment he won the election there was a metaphysical change in the country that made blacks less disadvantaged is ridiculous.

All of this reconfirms an age-old truth: there’s nothing worse than Republicans complaining about black people.


3 Responses to No More Complaining?

  1. Dan says:

    From today’s NYT: “‘I am concerned,’ Gail McDaniel said…’I think there are going to be outbreaks from blacks…From where I’m from, this is going to give them the right to be more aggressive.'”

    Take a WILD guess where Ms. McDaniel is from (hint: see my “Party of Lincoln” post).

  2. Nick says:

    You know what’s worse than republicans complaining about blacks? Black republicans toeing the party line.

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