The Following Things Are Overrated

1. The Doors.

Any “overrated” list must start with The Doors, the ultimate example of a no-talent band that made it big because they were in the right place at the right time.  Sure, they were influential, but listening to their repetitive, dissonant, atonal music is worse than getting a root canal from Dr. Mengele.  I defy you to listen to the following song all the way through without stabbing yourself in the brain with a pencil:

One of the reasons The Doors are so overrated is that Jim Morrison is often described as a great poet, and not just by that chunky melancholic girl we all knew in high school.  These people must be higher than Jim Morrison himself; I could eat a copy of King Lear and shit better poetry than that hack’s.  “Come on baby light my fire/Come on baby light my fire/Try to set the night on fire.”  Brilliant.  Nice touch, rhyming “fire” with “fire.”  Pure genius.

2. Allen Iverson.

When people who are knowledgeable about sports hear the word “overrated,” the first player that usually springs to mind is Derek Jeter.  Sure, Jeter’s overrated, but at least he’s a good player; excellent, in fact.  The same is true of Kobe Bryant.  What sets Allen Iverson apart is that throughout his career he’s been slightly above average at best and considerably below average at worst.  People overrate him because of his high scoring totals, which are merely a function of how many shots he takes each game.  The dude’s career field goal percentage is .425 overall and .314 for three-pointers.  To put that in perspective, Steve Nash, a good player, shoots .486/.432.  That’s a huge difference.  Furthermore, AI contributes little beyond scoring; he dishes out some assists, but he’s a zero on the boards and turns the ball over constantly.  Iverson won the MVP in 2001; according to the sophisticated evaluation system presented by Berri, Schmidt and Brook in The Wages of Wins, Iverson was the 160th best player in the NBA that year.  According to the same system, Iverson was only once the best player on his team (in 1997).  As much as I’d like to root for a guy who at 6’0 is a midget in the NBA, Allen Iverson just plain sucks.

On a related note, why do pro athletes who make millions of dollars have tattoos that look like they were done by a blind inmate in cellblock D?

On a related note, why do pro athletes who make millions of dollars have tattoos that look like they were done by a blind inmate in cellblock D?

3. Star Wars.

I know I’m going to make a lot of nerds angry with this one, but it has to be said: the Star Wars movies just aren’t all that.  I’m not saying they’re bad; they’re reasonably entertaining.  I just can’t figure out why every guy who wouldn’t know breasts from a football because he never touched either has such a raging boner for them.  The special effects, while great for their time, are pathetic by today’s standards.  The plot is nothing special, and the villain sounds like he’s on a respirator.  Are the light sabers really that exciting?  I guess they are to some…

4. Diversity.

“Diversity.”  The very word reeks of bullshit.  Why do people nowadays think that diversity is desirable in and of itself?  Multiculturalism has promoted the idea that if we surround ourselves with people of different races, we’ll be exposed to so many new perspectives that we’ll all be more productive, expand our horizons and sing songs under a rainbow.

Excuse me while I vomit.

Excuse me while I vomit.

Has anyone ever actually experienced this?  I doubt it.  Besides, why should we assume that people with different skin colors must think differently?

Humans are clannish and xenophobic by nature; it’s only relatively recently that people of different backgrounds have come to live among one another.  This is part of the reason why racism has persisted throughout history and remains ubiquitous throughout the world.  As modern, enlightened humans, we should learn to respect and tolerate our differences (or, better yet, ignore them).  But celebrate them?  What a crock of shit.

5. Los Angeles.

Anyone who’s ever been to L.A. knows that it sucks ass through a straw; those who haven’t, however, tend to consider it a glamorous and sexy place.  If you’re one of those people, allow me to disabuse you of that notion right now.  Have you ever seen the movie Mad Max? L.A. is like that, except worse, since Mel Gibson actually lives there.

By far the worst thing about L.A. is its infrastructure, or lack thereof.  Because the city experienced most of its growth during the automobile age, it’s more a sprawling conglomeration of suburbs than a true city.  Because of this, L.A. is basically one giant traffic jam, and there’s no way to avoid it since driving is the only way to get anywhere.

Look at the size of this hellhole!

Just look at the size of this hellhole!

And where is there to go?  Aside from the beaches, which are always crowded with assholes, there’s nothing but strip malls.  I guess if you’re up for a thrill you can take a ride through some of America’s worst ghettos.  The climate is pleasant year-round, but that’s outweighed out by the constant smog and droughts.  Finally, L.A. is full of phonies who think they’re going to make it in Hollywood, but usually wind up bussing tables or doing gangbangs for blow.

Most of California is wonderful, especially the Bay Area, but L.A. is a complete wasteland.  Avoid it at all costs.


66 Responses to The Following Things Are Overrated

  1. Eric says:

    Haha good post. You and Michael Mann are certainly in agreement with regards to LA. Every one of his films intentionally portrays the city negatively (Heat, Collateral, etc.).

  2. lgrawr says:

    Speaking of Mann, his upcoming ‘Public Enemies’ looks good.

  3. Anne says:

    On Los Angeles:
    Have you ever been there? Because it sure sounds like you haven’t. Or if you have, you flew in, didn’t bother to check the place, and flew out. Either way, you sound fashionably anti-L.A., and to an insider, thoroughly unknowledgeable. One of those smart asses who love to bash L.A. because it’s hip. So buzz off, and live us with our great city — for those who bother tyo find out what it is truly about.

  4. Dan says:

    I am, in fact, a smart ass who loves to bash L.A. because it’s hip. You’re quite perceptive.

  5. Mike says:

    It takes somebody dumb enough to love LA to live there, I guess.

    Have fun wallowing in shit.

  6. Dan says:

    weird, it’s actually not hip to dislike LA.
    It’s maybe on-the-way-out trendy to dislike LA.
    but it’s definitely not hip to dislike LA.
    At least in the sense like hip=hipsters.

    Hipsters be all over LA like flies on shit right now.
    Remember williamsburg in early 2000s? That’s LA now.
    LA has like the coolest art scene and the coolest music scene and the coolest hanging out doing nothing but “fashion art” scene.

    I think this is because it’s actually the COMMON conception that LA sucks. And hipsters do whatever is NOT COMMON. Get it?

    Yes, you, me, we all suck.

  7. D says:

    you are an idiot. LA is the most underrated place on earth. LA is constantly bashed by people who are too dense to understand LA and all its versions. You can do whatever you want in LA. No where else on earth provides you with that freedom. Sure LA has its faults, but guess what, were working on them. The transit system is growing faster than anyplace in America, Crime has dropped yet again, for the 7th year in a row, and in fact, LA is the third safest city in America per capita. Weather, arts, freedom, nature, food, fashion, etc etc etc.

    Also, you cannot judge basketball players just on numbers. AI is a barely 6 foot guard. his duty is not to rebound, rather to score and pass. He constantly averages 7+ assists and scores in the high 20’s. Yes hes not Kobe, Magic or Jordan, but he is an amazing player.

  8. Mike says:

    Guess what buddy: people will defend practically any garbage heap this country has to offer.

    Thus “You just have to discover Pittsburgh”, “DETROIT BABY”, and “LA is the most underrated place on earth.”

  9. Mike says:

    “Also, you cannot judge basketball players just on numbers.”

    What the fuck does this even mean? You’re basically saying “I reject any notion of evidence when evaluating a player.” Seriously?

  10. Eric says:

    Anne: Sorry, but the author has in fact been to LA and explored the city.
    D: You called the author an idiot. You should learn basic English grammar before calling other people idiots. That way, you won’t come across as an idiot, like you do in your comment.

  11. JON says:

    Before I read this post, if someone were to ask me about my roommate in Oakland, Dan, I would, somewhere in there, use the phrase, “he bounces around, with glee, and claims that a lot of things are overrated.” This blog confirms this. And, though I’m new to reading this Blog…I’m sure there will continue to be more posts like this.

    1. The Doors are overrated.
    2. Iverson is, disturbingly, still, overrated.
    3. Correct again, Dan.
    4. I intended to have a hyperlink here to an article that I vaguely recall that claimed that diversity within the human race will ultimately lead to the human race’s longevity.

    5. Dan has been to LA, but he did it entirely wrong. Some could dispute the fact that he even experienced LA. Dan stayed in Irvine. Dan went to an Angels game, and, so quixotically, like everyone else who comes back whining about LA, went about it all wrong by trying to venture into LA from Orange County. It should be argued that now LA is not overrated, it’s highly underrated — because everyone thinks of it as a phony, hot, hellhole. Having lived in LA for 6 years, and working in “Hollywood,” I did indeed find some phony assholes, but I find them right here in the Bay Area just-the-same. Funny that you think Hipsters are all over LA…because when I spend time there I rarely see them, in all areas, and here in SF…they’re everywhere doing everything you said they were doing in LA (ahem…I can’t get away from them here…in SF, that’s why I go to LA every-so-often to get a taste of reality). I will, most certainly, concur that, due to LA being born during the Auto Boom, its design is flawed; however, if you know your way around, and either go to college there or live near your work, there are a number of ways to get around that flaw (one of them is not stay/live in Irvine/Orange County & drive into LA). After college in LA, I moved to a neighborhood that was entirely walk-able, and had subway access. Simply, it’s just cool to bash LA because LA sells & makes cool. When the coolest thing about LA is everything that is not: the blue collar workers and their bars, the taco trucks, etc. etc. Now…Miami. Miami is fucking overrated. No one will ever find me in Miami.

  12. Eric says:

    Diversity could extend the longevity of the human race because interracial people are healthier. They have lower rates of genetic disease and they tend to be more attractive. That is (one of) the funny thing(s) about the Nazis. If they had it their way, only having children with other ‘Aryans’ (Germans are not even Aryans), they would have eventually become a bunch of inbred genetic disasters.

  13. JON says:

    Well, before I clicked “submit comment” this conversation wasn’t happening, and now I have to do one thing: I am completely UNASSOCIATED with this “D” person. D thank you for your defense of Los Angeles (although it really took a nosedive when you mentioned “fashion”), but your insistence on defending Iverson is an atrocity. He doesn’t consistently average 7 assists a game. It happened 04-07, and two other times in his 13 year career. During these years, and those 04-07 years, he is averaging 3.7 turnovers (and that’s excluding missed field goals which can be quantified into turnovers at times when defensive rebounds are taken into account).

    I’m getting nauseous just by the fact that, within this circle of people, Iverson is associated with LA.

  14. Giants Suck says:

    “Most of California is wonderful, especially the Bay Area”

    What an effete jackass you are. Which part of the Bay Area? The city of San Francisco, where middle class means you are earning in the low six figures? Where the homeless swarm the streets? Oakland, otherwise known as “where San Francisco’s WASP asshole elite stuck their black people” and home to miles of… loading docks. San Jose, a city that looks completely like Los Angeles with uglier broads. And those twin symbols of progress, Alcatraz, a prison that sits front and center, and the Golden Gate Bridge, where San Franciscans kill themselves like lemmings off its sides.

    More examples of your idiocy: how do droughts in Los Angeles exactly impact you as a tourist? As a resident, it means your water bill creeps up. Did your tap run dry, making it impossible to clean the gizz from your lips? Moron.

    And LA is a collection of cities instead of a big downtown? So this city doesnt act like all of the other cities you like to visit? What is the criticism? Sorry the city was not designed with YOUR convenience in mind.

    And Kobe Bryant is overrated? How many rings do you have?

    You suck shit.

  15. Mike says:

    Dan, I love this post. Look at all the touchy LA faggots coming out of the woodwork.

  16. JON says:

    I must say…I didn’t think there were this many people around to defend LA: “I thought I was the only one!”

    I take it all back…but, I would still rather have Willie Iverson than Al Iverson.

    Well, I won’t take back what I said; I just don’t like everyone else’s defense of LA — they make me seem like all I care about is water, weather & fashion when it’s more like beer, basketball & black people.

  17. Starchy says:

    Thats a map of Los Angeles County/Orange County NOT Los Angeles City you fuckin ignorant piece of shit.

    1. Infrastructure. While not the best continues to improve and at its current rate will be better than NYC

    2. Traffic exist everywhere, yeah even in the bay area.

    3. Driving is not the only way to get around.

    4. Worst ghettos? Sorry but Venice made a U-turn a long time ago.

    5. “Phonies” live all over this planet so why pick on LA?

  18. milquetoast says:

    ^^Mike… you’re avatar and your posts don’t match up! Your visage is so cool and hipster brooding, with the hair in your brooding eyes and your over-beard over bearing across your overly brooding expression on your overly concerned face! You are so cool, so when you say L. A. faggots are coming out of the woodwork- I gotsta tend to believe ya! Could you please lead a parade of the overly cool down Santa Monica Blvd. so we can see how you roll? Too cool for school! Cunt up, fuck bitch!

  19. lee says:

    Only a complete moron could write this crap. Los Angeles sucks in parts but i would take it over 99% of America. Most of America does not have a transit system or any art or any restaurants. If you want to eat overpriced crap full of terrible people go to the Meatpacking district in NYC & then after you will do anything for some decent Japanese , Mexican , modern American food.

  20. Mike says:

    Let’s take stock

    When people make fun of the town I’m from (which I happen to like) I don’t give a shit — furthermore I don’t go on an enraged, boring tirade trying to defend it

    Some people like it, some people don’t. I know that’s bound to blow your fucking mind. I don’t care either way. I like what I do and if other people don’t then who gives a shit.

    Take a look at yourself and the other LA goons rushing in here to froth at the mouth


    jesus christ, nothing says “this city sucks balls” more than a zillion idiots rushing to its defense ON THE INTERNET

  21. johnny says:

    In 2003, James Frey published “A Million Little Pieces”. This alleged memoir was later revealed to be fraudulent, and Frey became a pariah in the literary community. Rebounding from this failure, he decided to divert his energies to work on a new novel, “Bright Shiny Morning”. The novel is set in Los Angeles, and depicts the city as a dystopian wasteland in which “phonies who think they’re going to make it in Hollywood… wind up bussing tables or doing gangbangs for blow”. Upon receiving a manuscript of the new novel, Harper Collins immediately offered Frey a three-book publishing agreement. “Bright Shiny Morning” was a critical success, and Frey was dubbed “the literary comeback of the decade”.

    At first, one might ask, “Why would a dystopian novel set in Los Angeles prove so captivating? Such subject matter has been addressed since the days of Nathaniel Hawthorne.” The answer is simple. Expressing disdain for the city of Los Angeles is a time-honored tradition among those who consider themselves sophisticated in matters of taste. And like young artists sketching a nude model or jazz musicians playing old standards, today’s brightest literary minds have found creative ways to add their own individual flair to this familiar theme.

    You may even try this yourself. Seat yourself in a quiet, comfortable place, and clear your mind of all thoughts, save for those awful awful thoughts of Los Angeles. Within minutes your mind will be brimming with new and wonderful creative ideas. Now, begin to type and you will find you are able to string together expletives and scatological scenarios in ways heretofore unseen in print or other media.

  22. Christopher Eaton says:

    L.A. was indeed not born of the automobile age twee denizen of the pencil point boutique suck-ass burg of Frisco. The layout of the city-state/empire that is your superior neighbor to the south actually developed along the old interurban lines, the red cars and yellow cars. In the 40’s it was possible to take the interurban lines from Azusa to the Crenshaw district, for example. The freeways and street grid developed along the mass transit line layout. The absolute ignorance of bay area turds about all things L.A. is entertaining. The boring hatred the bay area has for L.A. is laughable and passe, so cliche. By the way, if I had to leave L.A., which I will never do, why would I ever consider moving to the bay area when I could move to New York or Chicago? It would be a no-brainer, for me and most Angelenos. New York resonates with L.A. L.A. resonates with New York. San Francisco is a nice city that gets featured in Conde Naste every month.

  23. Dan says:

    @ D: “[Iverson] consistently scores in the high 20’s.” Did you even read the post? Judging a basketball player by how many points he scores is like judging a baseball player by how many hits he gets. Iverson scores 27.5 ppg because he takes 22.5 shots per game. That is woefully inefficient.

    @ Giants Suck: “And Kobe Bryant is overrated? How many rings do you have?” Nice argument. By that logic Luis Sojo (649 career OPS, 36 career HR, but 4 RINGS!!!1!!) was an awesome baseball player.

  24. Dan says:

    @ Johnny: I did not know that bashing L.A. was cliched. Can you cite some examples?

    @Christopher: “Pencil point boutique?” What the fuck are you talking about? That’s not even a thing. And did you really just call me “twee?” Isn’t that what Elmer Fudd smokes? Why don’t you stop trying to sound smart and buss my table?

    For the record, my experience in L.A. is limited, but I’m still going to talk shit because…well, I like talking shit. Flame on!

  25. Los Anjealous says:

    “The climate is pleasant year round, but that’s outweighed by the constant smog and drought.”

    Wow, you’re a real meterologist, here.

    If it rained all the time, the climate wouldn’t be pleasant. Unless you’re a farmer, and there aren’t any, you’re not really concerned about where your water is coming from.

    Due to the quite-nice ocean breezes, there’s no smog in West LA 360 days a year.

    I will agree that Orange County, Valley, Inland Empire are shite.

    And you like the Boutique City — let me guess, you live in NYC, DC, or maybe Boston.

  26. Mike says:

    Anybody who says “boy this place is shitty to visit but let me tell you about how awesome it is to live there” is full of shit.

    Look, people actually eat bologna, and they like it. Who cares. Be secure enough to like what you like without writing a book full of half-assed apologetics.

    It sucks balls, and I’m not going to live there for a whole year to prove that point. I’ve been living in Pittsburgh for two years now — it sucked when I visited it, and it sucks now.

  27. Dan says:

    @ Los Anjealous: Actually, at the moment I live in Pittsburgh, which sucks WAY worse than L.A. ever could.

  28. Art says:

    I love LA because of its shittiness, the shittiness is where the beauty is at. Of course Im mexican and grew up in one of the worst ghettoes in the country, but “pretty” gets too much play (and I dont say that in a frustrated teenage emo kind of way) and “ugly” is way overrated. When given the choice between cruising sunset or skid row I take the latter, the Grove vs. the LA River and the latter wins again.

    I dont need a tenement to be gentrified and power washed for me to appreciate it, in fact I appreciate the craptacularity of it being left in ghetto state. Anyways, I thought the LA comments were funny and spot on, I love that ugly hoodrat!

    I’d actually have to disagree about the embracing diversity stuff though, with the excpetion of how annoying ” I dont see race” people are (and their usually white, how coincidental). But Im brown and from East LA, have enjoyed living amongst whites and now currently live in a majority Asian community. Growing up in a sheltered environment makes people ignorant (and often disdainful) of other demographics, as a kid growing up in East Los projects i though all white people were mean and had scales under their suits. Moving to Berkeley and experiencing another culture Im not part of was an excellent way to melt my preconcieved stereotypes. Same thing occured with me and Asians, and now I have my family in an Asian city (although there are a few white kids and about 1/3rd Latino, which is like minority-central to the average WASP).

    Anyways, funny read. I think it’s good to laugh at LA sometimes, and I actually have the dodgers “LA” tatted on me (when youre chicano and from East LA you are branded and jersied on your first birthday).

  29. Ham says:

    Complaining about smog in L.A. is like complaining about junkies and hookers in Times Square. It’s an old cliche that isn’t even true any more. 20, 30, 40 years ago… THAT was smog. That was what people complained about. No, all the smog isn’t gone. That hasn’t happened. But back in the day smog was a constant drain on both health and the look of the area. Now it’s something that occasionally obscures the view and *might* make things a bit worse for you if you’re *very* sensitive.

    A while ago I saw a poll of L.A. locals on what they thought the worst thing about L.A. was. Smog didn’t make it anywhere near the top 10. In decades past, it would surely have been in the top 3.

  30. Brother Chris says:

    Well, I’m sorry your travels in Los Angeles have mostly unimpressed you. But it does look like your criticism of Los Angeles is very similar to the standard LA-bashing, and really, there are so many other aspects of our city that you can hate! So come on back, and take a bigger look around, and this time, write with some creativity! Traffic, smog and westside phonies?! These are cliches my friend — things people have hated about this city for decades. You’re only scratching the surface, and that my friend is hardly worth writing about.
    If you do come back (say you are dragged back, unwillingly, for some reason), I would suggest exploring the city’s northeast neighborhoods — if you haven’t already. There is plenty to hate there too, but also some really neat stuff. It may never become your favorite place, but it’s not too hard to find some redeeming qualities.

  31. Dan says:

    @ milquetoast: “Mike… you’re avatar and your posts don’t match up.”

    Looks like it’s back to fourth grade for you:

    What makes you especially stupid is that you’re not even consistent in your errors: you’ve spelled the same word two different ways!

  32. Steve says:

    Dan, thanks for laugh and now I can happily continue my great life in LA knowing that dorks like you won’t be coming back to busy up our freeways.

    By the way Dan, did you know it’s really only turistas like yourself that actually use the freeways?

    Excuse me while I take a walk in the 75 degree weather through bright sunny skies. Hmmm…strange, no smog here!

    Oh, and SF is nice too.

  33. Mike says:

    LA is awesome it’s so awesome let me tell you how awesome it is

    it’s so awesome you didn’t notice when you were here, but just check out all these words I wrote and you’ll see that really it’s awesome

  34. Mike says:

    Whew just taking a break from my great life in LA here to post on the internet some

  35. Ed says:

    Nobody goes to LA anymore because it’s so crowded.

  36. alex says:


    Are you bitter?

    And your comments about “faggots”…….you look more queer then most West Hollywood gays!!

    Lighten up.

  37. dtownla says:

    Things I learned from this post:

    – People have wildly divergent opinions about Los Angeles (shocking!). Anyone with a mind for nuance (I wouldn’t put this blogger or his defenders in that camp) would see many facets to the city, including (but not limited to) the negatives that he points out.

    – People from the Bay Area are tiresome bores with an inferiority complex towards their neighbor to the South, much like Boston’s attitude toward New York.

    – Mike has serious anger issues and feelings of complete and utter worthlessness that he chooses to project onto Los Angeles, “faggots” (who happen to rock in my personal opinion … since I happen to be one, I guess), and … er … humanity?

    – Mike needs a shave, a haircut, and perhaps a hug.

  38. Dan says:

    When I wrote this post, I expected lots of anger from Star Wars nerds and Doors fans. Who knew that writing some stupid bullshit about L.A. would get so many people’s panties in a bunch?

    Props to those Angelenos who took this ribbing with good humor. In response, I’ll acknowledge the following good things about the city:

    1) Dodger Stadium
    2) Mexican food
    3) West Coast hip-hop
    4) Plentiful, high-quality, de facto legal cannabis
    5) Porno capitol of the world

  39. Mike says:


    Are you bitter?

    And your comments about “faggots”…….you look more queer then most West Hollywood gays!!

    Lighten up.”

    This may be true but I can always cut my hair — and it’s a lot cheaper and much less of a hassle than moving

  40. Mike says:

    I have no idea why people perceive me as having anger issues

    Seeing a bunch of pissed off LA idiots rushing to my blog to post comments makes me smile

    Relax, folks, you’re entertaining the shit out of me

  41. C says:

    Since when do this many people read your blog?

    It’s almost becoming too fashionable and mainstream for me to check in on.

  42. JON says:

    Man…did these folks just search for the keywords, “LA,” and “haters,” and decide to run-roughshot all over this blog. I am not associated with any of them, however much I might love LA.

  43. alex says:


    I’m not pissed off at all. But yes, you really do come across as angry and bitter. you should learn something…..Sometimes first impressions do matter.

    And yes…..a haircut would improve your “look”.

  44. preston says:

    This post is amazing. Was there a contest that required you to bitch about things using perfect examples of the straw man argument or what?

    Shorter #1: I just don’t get why people care about The Beatles. I wanna hold your hand? Cheesy and stupid.

    Shorter #2: Allen Iverson sucks because he doesn’t rebound. Not that he could, given his position and height, but he should anyway.

    Shorter #3: Old movies suck because they don’t look like new movies. Also, why does the guy with the breathing mask sound like he needs help breathing?

    Shorter #4: I was promised a free coke if I started being nice to people. I didn’t get one. That’s bullshit.

    Shorter #5: Have you ever seen that Movie Annie Hall? L.A. is exactly like that, except worse, because Woody Allen isn’t there.

  45. Clownshoes says:

    Personally, I think Mike needs much more hair. And Dan should just go get high and listen to Waiting for the Sun.

  46. Los Anjealous says:

    Hey douche with a beard — If someone talks shit about LA ON THE INTERNET. People, who are so inclined, are going to post back comments ON THE INTERNET.

  47. Dan says:

    @ preston: Talk about straw men! 1) I did not just say The Doors suck; I provided an argument for their suckitude, which included audio evidence. 2) You’ve completely ignored the main reason why AI is unproductive, namely his poor shooting percentage. 3) I did not say that the Star Wars movies are bad. I just said that I don’t understand why so many dorks think they’re the greatest movies of all time. 4) What? 5) What?

  48. Kunte Kinte says:

    Hippy-dippy diversity circle jerking is weak. You might say how respecting diversity above all else leads to a weakening of ethics – classic arguments, do you respect a cannibal’s right to eat people, or that our Afghan friends don’t like their chicks reading? It doesn’t solve the problem of what do you do when values conflict.

    On the other hand, look at Asian countries and cities like Des Moines and Pittsburgh where everyone is from one culture, looks and talks and thinks the same, and fucks their sister and pays to buy little girls shit stained panties.

  49. preston says:

    Yeah, you provided evidence that the Doors suck by posting a song they didn’t even write and you proved Jim Morrison was a lousy poet by posting lyrics he didn’t pen. Fail.

    Would you want Otis Thorpe on your team instead of AI? Just wondering.

    Maybe if you talked to some of those “dorks” they’d tell you.

    Your complaints about L.A. would be original and interesting… if it were 1976.

  50. Dan says:

    Man, the best thing about the internet is that it’s not even real.

    I walk down the street in real life and I look at people and I want to yell “Hey, Douchebag, fuck you! Fuck Ed Hardy! Fuck ironic moustaches! Fuck girls wearing ugg boots, still! Fuck neon sunglasses!”

    But I don’t, because I’m a coward.

    But on the internet, I get to look up douchebags using google, go to their blogs, and tell them that they are dull idiots with no value to their ideas. Because contrary to popular opinion, things said on the internet CAN hurt feelings! And saying something hurtful to someone I don’t like feels AWESOME.

    The thing is, actually Dan I think you’re fine. I don’t think you think you’re smart. You’re not trying to be cute, or prove anything. You’re just a normal guy. Any normal guy would say all the things you said. Whatever. I’m sure you don’t even care about any of it.

    But Mike, man! That guy has a chip or ten on his shoulder! Where is his blog! I want to shit all over his effort.

  51. Mike says:

    Bitch I earn my chip. Flex those mental talents nature gave you for a solid five minutes, I’m sure you’ll be able to find my stuff.

  52. Dan says:

    @ Dan: You make some good points. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this post, it’s that pissing off nerds on the internet has the highest fun:cost ratio of any activity except masturbation. Also, you’re right: Mike is one pissed off dude. He killed my puppy for no reason, and he’s probably going to kill you next. Sleep with one eye open.

    Oh, and I do think I’m smart.

  53. alex says:

    Dan is starting to get a little touchy.

    I’m really scared now.

  54. Jason says:

    Enjoy the blog. Are you or Mike available for a date anytime soon? Let me know.

  55. Vic says:

    As evidence of Jim Morrison’s bad poetry you have supplied a quote from the song “light my fire”. Jim Morrison did not write the lyrics to this song, Robby Krieger (the guitarist) wrote them.

  56. Dylan says:

    Thanks for posting Alabama Song, I had a damn good time listening too it, and guess what I didn’t stab myself *cough*moron*cough*. Also you hate diversity, oh yeah, I hate all my black friends (note sarcasim).

  57. Jayson says:

    First of all your an ass clown of nature. your list is gay. starwars rules and Jim was a fucking golden rocker of mighty per—portions yes I did spell that like that starwars is the best and you can go take a big corny shit.


  58. Jayson says:

    I want the snakes to suck your skin while your mother is raped because of her sons sin.

    and yes I am waiting for the sun.

  59. Jayson says:

    Oh yea and fuck your moderation freedom of speech rules, and expression. Jim whipped out his dick because idiot plastic morons like you suppress true knowledge and expression to it’s fullest excccdctttecnnt and yEJESH I DEED SPELL THIS WROOOONNG TOO2 2 2 PIZZ YOU OFFZZZ



  60. orange county gates…

    The Following Things Are Overrated « Moral Hazard…

  61. Deas says:

    Your, sir, are wrong. Just wrong. The Doors is one of the best bands ever, period. Genius of keyboardist Ray Manzarek is just fcking timeless. Great drumming, amazing guitar solos. You are too stupid to understand Jim Morisson. And the lyrics you showed were not even written by him.
    Shut up.

  62. Don says:

    Stumbled on this. You know, it is ok to hate on the Doors. Kind of like the Eagles, it’s pretty hip to do it. And much of it is deserving. But I would not use the “Alabama Song” as your poster child for hating on the Doors. Morrison did not write it, that song is from the 1920’s and has quite a bit of notoriety. Countless musicians have covered and celebrated, even David Bowie – but of course it is not hip to hate on Bowie

  63. Zach says:

    LA Isn’t overrated at all notice that ALMOST everything he thinks is overrated the only thing that doesn’t have a link to LA is Allen Iverson. The doors started in LA, parts of Starwars was filmed in LA, and LA is a diverse city. So this guy must really be butt hurt on LA.

  64. Anders says:

    Alabama Song is by Brecht, a German playwright.
    But I agree, The Doors are way too overrated.

  65. Ali says:

    Most of L.A. itself is pretty unpleasant and filthy. There are nice parts though and a lot of landmarks and good restaurants if you know your way around. However for beaches I prefer Ventura.

  66. Jared helms says:

    Hey you dumb mother fucking ignorant asshole. Before talking shit on something you obviously know nothing about, Roby Krieger wrote Light My Fire. The only verse Jim wrote was ” The time to hesitate is through/ No time to Wallow in the Meyer/ Try now we can only lose/ And our love becomes a funeral peyer.” Listen to Horse Latitudes or Peace Frog and tell me he isnt a post you fucking clown.

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