What have you done with the real Busta?

Busta Rhymes was a great rapper.  I feel bad saying it.  I really wish I could say that he is.

Listening to a white boy talk about what rap is good and what rap isn’t is sort of like listening to a blind man discuss van Gogh.  However, any idiot could make the observations I’m about to — they’re universal across culture, race, time, and space.  Even a Chinese railroad worker from the 19th century would agree with me on this shit.

Here’s some classic Busta:

This stuff is excellent and if you disagree you’re wrong.  If you want to skip the little “before the song” song, hop ahead to 1:30 in the video (where “Break Ya Neck” actually starts).  Busta’s technique is great.  Entertaining lyrics and great technique — even though he raps fast you can understand what he’s saying; he fully enunciates each word.  

Not to mention, he was wild.


Busta probably needed to switch to decaf.

Busta probably needed to switch to decaf.

I could go on, but there’s no reason to when you could just watch the above video.

That being said — I heard a song on the radio recently called “We Gettin’ Arab Money.”  It’s a song about getting so much money that it’s as if you were a sheik selling oil or some shit.  Anyway I looked it up on youtube when I got home just because I was in complete disbelief such a shitty song existed.

The first hits returned Busta’s name, and at first I skipped those links because I didn’t believe it could actually be Busta.  I ignored the search results and searched for like five minutes before I ended up giving in and seeing if it was him.  Much to my dismay, it is.  Here it is:

This video is a fucking disaster.  It’s nothing.  It’s worse than nothing.  Busta would have done much better to just stay the fuck home on this one.

First of all, he looks like a fucking dad.  He seriously reminds me of some of my friends’ parents in high school.  Second of all, the song is absolute garbage.  This needs no explanation.  And finally: why the fuck is the video for this song a party with an average crew of office workers?  It boggles the mind.  He’s doing a shitty, uninspired dance with office workers.   Office workers.   Fuck.

I have nothing more to say about this.  Somebody get him back on speed, on the double.


6 Responses to What have you done with the real Busta?

  1. Dan says:

    Damn. I remember when Busta first came out with “Woo-Hah!” That song blew my fucking mind. This one just blows.

  2. Eric says:

    Good post. I can’t believe he is making this garbage.

  3. JON says:

    Whoa, Whoa…is Busta really investing in the Middle East? Does he really have Arab Money? If so…I will defend this song that was, funny enough, filmed in my college dorm.

    If Busta has money invested in Emirates or anywhere near Abu Dhabi….!

  4. lgrawr says:

    Didn’t watch the second video, but the first was quite amusing.

    –“Busta probably needed to switch to decaf.”

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. His apparent meth use is what made that video so great. It looks like he’ll be down with Parkinson’s by his late-thirties, but with the mortality rate of the demographic I’m uncertain that would be oh so tragic.

  5. Rachael says:

    I refuse… REFUSE, to believe that the second video is the Busta that I grew up with. That is a different man. It must be. Clearly you are mistaken.

    I’m going to try to unsee that now.

  6. That Black Chick says:

    “arab money” is not the busta we love, BUT it works in a club situation; it’s got that “grind your ass on his nuts” quality for the ladies [and the fellas too, i suppose], plus see won’t someone throw out a bunch of singles. you know because $1 bills let me know you’re ballin like that. there’s even a silly dance associated with it for the kids [see official video].

    i can’t badmouth busta too bad. i just can’t. he’s just getting older and trying new things. it happens.

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