Fun With Search

WordPress allows you to see the search strings that led people to your blog. I’ve seen quite a few strange and funny ones thus far, but this one takes the cake:

“christmas gay cock or fucking or sucking or blowjob”

I’m baffled. What could possibly possess someone to type that into a search engine? What could he have been looking for? Why did he type the word “or” not once, not twice, but thrice?  And how did he end up here?  I typed this into google and Moral Hazard was not among the hits.

If you’re out there, Mr. Searcher, please explain via an anonymous comment. Thanks, and good luck finding that christmas gay cock site.

Edit 22-12-08: new search: “fuck me chess.”  What the hell is wrong with people?


One Response to Fun With Search

  1. Wine Blog says:

    hahah I want some gay fucking christmas cookies! Could you make sure the blowjob and sucking comes after.

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