As one may gather from my previous posts, I’m something of a coffee snob: I drink plenty, have very high standards, and am fairly knowledgeable about it.  Until yesterday, however, when my friend Einam pointed it out, my knowledge did not extend to the existence of something called Kopi Luwak.  He saw it mentioned in the movie The Bucket List; I’ll take his word for it, since I’d rather take a battery acid enema than watch Jack Nicholson overact and Morgan Freeman play the wise, world-weary old black guy AGAIN. Morgan, how about expanding your range and playing a wise, world-weary old white guy?  Now that I’d watch.

But I digress.  Kopi Luwak, for those of you too lazy to click the link, is coffee made from coffee berries that have been eaten and egested by the Asian Palm Civet, which is basically a house cat on meth:


Never feed it after midnight.

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, costing up to $600/pound.  I find it odd that people are willing to pay that much money to drink coffee made from cat turds, but I’m willing to acknowledge the possibility that it really does taste fantastic.  What really blows my mind is thinking about how this stuff was initially discovered.  At some point an Indonesian must have come across a pile of shit and thought, “I should sift through this to see if there’s anything inside I can turn into a beverage.”

I can’t get over this.


4 Responses to Crappuccino

  1. Einam says:

    Not only does it come out of a mutant cat’s butthole, it is manually sorted by poor Indonesian girls. Who knows where those hands have been…

  2. JON says:

    Isn’t this how AIDS began?

  3. einam says:

    eh, no I believe it was caused by monkeys and hippies

  4. Alberto says:

    The true story is that the farmers of the indonesian coffee plantations in colonial times were not allowed to consume the coffee beans harvested so, they discover that the beans found in the droppings of the civet where superior in taste and they were not banned to consume.
    If you need some true information about Kopi Luwak just email to:

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