Bernie Goetz, Redux

2 June 2009

Making headlines is Jerome Ersland, an Oklahoma City pharmacist who has been charged with first-degree murder for his actions during a robbery on May 29.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Ersland, a former Air Force lieutenant colonel (by the way, does anyone know why this is pronounced “kernel?”) and Gulf War veteran, was approached in his store by two masked men, one of whom brandished a pistol and demanded money and drugs.  Ersland pulled a pistol and shot the gunman in the head.  The other robber fled; Ersland gave brief chase, then returned to the store.  He went into the back, retrieved another pistol, and pumped five more rounds into the fallen robber’s stomach.  All this was caught on the store’s surveillance camera:

The debate is now raging over whether Ersland’s actions constitute self-defense or premeditated murder, but I think it’s pretty clear-cut.  When Erlsand returns to the store, he does not seem threatened by the fallen robber; he has even transferred the pistol to his left (non-shooting) hand as he calmly walks behind the counter to retrieve the second gun.  Yes, Ersland committed murder.  And you know what?  Good.  That’s one fewer violent criminal walking the streets.  I don’t understand the sympathy people have for this piece of shit.  “He didn’t have to die,” they say.  They’re right; if he had obeyed the law rather than tried to rob someone, he’d still be alive.

And of course, the race pimps over at the NAACP are rushing to the support of the robbers: “This is not a black issue. This is not a white issue. This is a justice issue,” said Anthony Douglas, state president of the Oklahoma chapter of the NAACP. Nigga, please. You mean to tell me that if the pharmacist had been black and the robbers white you would take the same position?  Come off it.